- About Us -

Cakers is a state of the art modern bakery and sweet snack manufacturer based in the United Arab Emirates. We build on more than 30 years of experience and proprietary know how, to design and manufacture a wide variety of cakes and sweet snacks, that appeal to all age groups.

Cakers have invested years of experience in its Dubai based facilities given Dubai’s unique location and proximity to large and growing markets.

Cakers allocates vast resources to its research and development activities, to continuously enhance our products and processes. We value our dedicated team and our partners and will continue to introduce unique and innovative products into the market.

With our unique proposition, we invite you to experience our delicious innovations and take a glimpse into the future of sweet snacks. Welcome to the art of baking.

- The Cakers Way -

At Cakers, quality is not a value, it is our identity. Our obsession with quality begins with selecting only the finest ingredients from the world’s premium suppliers. The highest quality flour from the USA, world renowned chocolate from Belgium, and all our other ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the United Arab Emirates, all hand-picked to ensure your delight, it is truly a winning combination. And this is only the beginning!

Our state of the art bakery has exceeded all international standards, and with our dedicated quality control team, they ensure that our standards are constantly monitored and improved. They are supported by a cutting edge microbiology lab that makes sure that you, our loyal customers, only get the best – made by the best. And it doesn’t end there! With only carefully selected packaging material and technology, our logistics, and our leading distribution partners, we will ensure that our products reach you exactly the way you expect them.

We will ensure that your experience is holistic and fulfilled from the moment you lay your eyes on our shelves, a truly multi sensational experience, from the second you hold our product in your hand, from the instant you open it and smell that oven fresh snack, from the first bite to the indulgence of every bite, until your only thought is enjoying the next one, or experiencing every flavour of our ever growing range of delicious premium quality products.


It takes real skill to make a perfect sweet snack.

Skill – and the very best ingredients.

At Cakers, we have perfected the art of delicious.

Every snack we make will taste oven- fresh. The texture will be light and moist.

The fillings rich and creamy. When you open the pack, take a moment to enjoy the aroma.

It’s like opening an oven door. Baking is an art.

And Cakers are the masters of the art of delicious.


What makes Cakers the treat you look forward to?

In one word… everything.

Our sponge cakes are and soft and springy.

Our fillings are smoother, richer and more creamy. The aroma is fresh and clean, like opening an

oven door. And the taste? The taste is everything you want it to be. Fresh. Moist. Creamy.

And full of mouth-filling flavor.


A sweet snack is a simple indulgence that you can enjoy all through your life.

For a child, every treat is magical. And you never forget the taste.

As we grow up, snacks remain a pleasure we enjoy.

And every time we have one the taste reminds us of these happy days, long ago.

So we make sure that every Cakers snack is everything a luxurious treat should be.

The texture is soft and moist. The fillings are smooth and creamy.

And the taste is as fresh as the moment it left the oven.

The snacks you enjoy today should be every bit as good as the treats you loved as a child.

If it’s from Cakers, it will be. Our name is your guarantee.